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Interested in securing paid sponsorships, collaborating with great brands, and working on exciting campaigns?

If so, please join our Discord, and watch out for our

email or DM with a sponsorship opportunity for you!

We actively work with amazing brands and strongly believe in trusting and lasting relations. Our goal is to make everyone happy by delivering great results and creating the best collaboration experience for

our clients and partnered influencers.

You can help us in our mission to
bring you great sponsorships by:
  • doing your thing and staying true to who you are

  • acting responsibly and professionally

  • showing interest about brand collaborations

  • adding your channel to the "seeking sponsor" list

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We have been closely working with talent management of all sizes for many years, ranging from one-man agencies to industry leaders and agencies that exclusively manage hundreds of creators. Therefore, we understand talent agent issues.

Our goal is very simple: to make your life as a talent agent much easier. We plan to build special talent management tools and features that will provide you with a helicopter overview of your roster, ongoing and upcoming brand campaigns, and showcase all available sponsorship deals for your managed creators.

We look forward to establishing lasting relations with professional talent agents that work hard and care about their managed content creators. If you’re one of them, please join our Discord, share with us your roster (preferably as a shared Google Sheets link), and don’t forget to check your email and business emails of your managed creators.

Launch a campaign with us and let's elevate your brand to new heights!

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